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Welfare Treatment
  • Meal Allowance

  • Insurance and Housing Fund

  • Excellent Environment

  • Rich Staff Activities

  • Public Holidays

  • High Salary

Job Offers
  • Recruitment Position
  • Department
  • Number of Hiring
  • Working Location
  • Release Date
  • District Manager
  • Sale
  • 10
  • Guangzhou
  • 2019-08-13

1.Age 22-40 years old, male and female, college degree or above

2.More than two years sales experience, able to adapt to long-term travel

3.Good personal image, affinity, active and clear thinking, conscientious and down-to-earth work

4.Enthusiasm in sales work, willing to accept challenges, pursuit of high bonuses and high income.

Operating duty:

1.Effective implementation of the company's sales strategy, can make reasonable recommendations on the sales process

2.Sales in strict accordance with the company's requirements, record, analyze, track and manage the sales process

3.According to the market and company's strategic planning, make personal sales plans and objectives, and complete the performance indicators required by the company.

4.Do a good job of market, channel development and market maintenance as required, and achieve the corresponding sales objectives;